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Your Guide to Product Packaging!

Packaging is one such aspect that makes your product more fit to use. Packaging is important as to how it is protected while you store it as a seller, how easy it is for a consumer to use it and further use it as a marketing tool.
For example, imagine getting shampoo in a big packet instead of bottles. It would be so difficult to use them without transferring to a bottle! Or milk in paper bags? By the time you can get hold of it, it will simply make the product unfit for use! And do you remember bringing home that milkshake bottle?
That is how important it is to have the right kind of packaging for every product.
Here are some tips and tricks to remember while you package your product!

1. Nature of your product
Every product has a different nature in terms of their state such as solid or liquid. For example, it would be a great idea to sell coconut oil from your native place along the coastline in jars during the winters when it tends to solidify and bottles during the summers.

2. Usage and storage of your product
Packaging should be such that it aids in the usage as well as storage of the product. A great example is spices that come in airtight glass jars with two kinds of openings, one for sprinkling and another for pouring.
Another good example is how most blazers come with a cover that helps us maintain their ironing as well as protect from dust.

3. Effects of other factors on your product
An important part of packaging is to protect it from other factors such as heat, moisture as well as during carriage.
Imagine the condition of your soap if it doesn’t come with a plastic wrap. It will most likely be melted and feel unhygienic while using. Similarly, even the clothes we buy from traditional shops come in a plastic wrap that protects it from dust and keeps it fresh.

4. Packaging for transport
If you choose to ship your products to other places, it is important to make sure that the packaging is waterproof and provides adequate protection towards any harm during transport.
Ready to seal bags with a transparent envelope to put in the bill and address are a great option. Similarly, other fragile products that are at risk to get damaged during transport should be well packaged with bubble wrap in sturdy boxes.

5. Packaging as a marketing tool
First Impression is the last impression.
How many times have you ended up buying a product at the departmental store only because the packaging was pretty? That is how important packaging aesthetics are when it comes to product placement.
Similarly, you can use personalized packaging, innovative storing techniques and packaging material that will be reused.

How you pack your product can give you an edge over other competitors. While you pamper your customers with great packaging, Skill2Gether.in helps you connect with more potential customers and like minded people who appreciate your work. We give you a platform to list your products, services and training. Moreover, at any point of time if you ever feel like you need some assistance or second opinion about your business, we also offer free consultation!
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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On July 5, 2019

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