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Your Guide to Making your Baking Business a Success!

Now that you have opened this article, I am pretty sure that you either own a baking business or are keenly interested in the baking industry!
Pooja Dhingra from Le 15 in Mumbai to Bani from Miam in Delhi, they are all young inspirations for us baking lovers!
You could be someone mastering cakes, cookies or bread or a real MasterChef acing at everything! Here are some tips to help you grow your baking business!
Connect over the LOVE OF FOOD!
Don’t forget that your customers are foodies first!
Keep them updated about the latest trends in your industry, the seasonal produce or include polls while setting your menu. This will help you unite over the love of food.
Flavour Testing and Freebies!
Have you noticed how Starbucks offers tiny cups of new flavours of coffee once in a while to its customers in the café?
Perhaps you could also offer a cupcake or a slice of a new flavour with an entire cake and ask for feedback before you add it to your regular menu!
Aesthetics are super important in the food game.
Make sure everything is in place, looks pretty and compels a potential customer to try it.
You could go with the trend and use mason jars or neon stickers or start your own trend altogether.
Flash your kitchen!
Food hygiene is every customer’s top lookout. So why not have a kitchen that screams cleanliness and hygiene?
If you have a proper shop, you can keep just a glass partition between your sales and production area.

On the other hand, if both the locations are different, make sure you include regular pictures of your kitchen in your social space.

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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On March 2, 2020

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