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What’s in A Name? Everything!

“Naam Main Kya Rakha Hain?” they might say, but actually, it’s a lot.
Your business’ name is it’s identity. Your name is something that will dictate its expertise, uniqueness and overtime, its value. It is something that will stick by however you grow and will be your brand across platforms and ages.
Thus, it is important that sufficient efforts are put in while choosing the name in the first place.
Though you might already have names in your mind and already chosen a favorite one, here are some tips to remember while choosing the perfect name for your business.

Choose a name that is relative to your business
Your name should ring a bell about your product or service.
This makes sure that your name is a marketing tool for you. For example, ‘wrapistry’ for a trousseau packing business or ‘nrityashala’ for a dance training school.

Choose something that resembles your individuality
Your business is your baby which represents your skills. Thus, it adds value to the brand that you are building and helps you grow your business.
Calling it ‘Wrapistry by Priya’ or ‘Maya’s Nrityashala’ does sound better and adds more value than plain names.

Add a pinch of creativity
A little creativity in the name goes a long way for making an impact.
For example, ‘SoapWorks’ for homemade soaps or ‘Compaq’ which actually meant ‘compact computers’ representing laptops.

Government Laws
Would it not be unfair to sell under someone else’s existing name or brand? This is simply what is prohibited under the competition laws.
Similarly, other laws exist such as prohibition of names that may disrespect another religion or caste or the nation.

Now that you might have narrowed down on a few names, it is advisable to take up a market survey or at least a second opinion from friends and family as to why they think a particular name fits the best.
Once you have chosen a name for your business, you might encounter other problems such as the best marketing strategies to apply, reaching out to new customers etc.
That is exactly when we at Skill2Gether.in come to your rescue. Skill2Gether.in is a platform that not only works as a marketplace to list your products, services and trainings but also offers a free consultation for any hurdles that you come across during your journey.
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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On July 12, 2019

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