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Somita’s Paint Everything You Can Lay Your Hands On Funda!

Household stuff which is used in our day to day life often seems monotonous after being used for a couple of months. Some of these include tea kettles, cups, ceramic dishes, and flower vases.
These are generally used for a few months and later eventually found in the storeroom, lying there for years.
That is what triggered Somita Suri’s creative nerves! Let’s paint them all!
She started with intricately painted kettles that were sold in no time when she set up an online store for them!
Some pursued her bachelor’s degree in Media Arts from London. She worked as a voice-over artist for a year; before she took up the job of an online editor and a business developer.
When her passion for art rekindled her after decades, she started painting and sketching random stuff. Eventually, hand-painted kettles became her piece of work which left people awestruck.

She started with basic traditional Indian designs of yoga and nature. In 2017, she set up an online store for her work and received an overwhelming response for her products!

Simultaneously, she started expanding her collection by painting and engraving rocks and pebbles. They were used as fridge magnets or either for decorating the garden. Every day was so fascinating to her as she used to be drowned in numerous creative ideas.

One of those ideas was upcycling wine and beer bottles by painting them and using them as bottle lamps. With millions of bottles being thrown into the sea every year, her idea was indeed a step towards saving the environment.
Besides, she started crafting wood slice jewelry and accessories which were also super attractive.
Her work on the kettles resembles stories and a sense of creativity. Thus, all her pieces are unique and are indeed perfect to showcase them and decorate the house.
Along with the challenge of maintaining a balance between family and work, her passion keeps her home business going.
Somita’s belief in her initiative motivates and makes her an enthusiastic individual. Indeed, she is an ideal example of passion-driven home business success!
If her passion can make her reach the summit of success, then why can’t yours? All you need is something you are interested in!
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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On January 9, 2020

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