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Passion evolving Sucess!

Have you ever been so engrossed in your hobbies that it made you think of starting them as a business?
Some hobbies can fascinate people that they are even ready to do it full time. Once you become immensely passionate about it, you are already halfway towards starting your business!
Giving us a superb example of this, today we will glance through the success story of a mompreneur Anne Rakesh.

Anne was working as a corporate trainer since 13 years. However, it was the birth of her daughter Megan that lead her to what she now calls her business.
Among the gifts for the newborn, there was a marvelous crochet blanket which caught Anne’s attention in a wink. Anne found the aesthetic appearance and interlocking pattern of the crochet tremendously captivating. She requested her aunt to teach her how to crochet.
Eventually crocheting became her hobby and she developed deep interest in it. Soon she started crocheting caps, dresses and other outfits for her baby daughter. Daily practice enhanced her work and Anne started coming up with beautiful pieces!

After she realized that crocheting can be taken up as a business, she quit her 13 year old job of a corporate trainer.
Now that she had adequate knowledge about crocheting, in 2012 she started an online brand HappyKnots! With the help of her supportive husband, she finally brought her creative work into the market. At the same time, planned the slogan as “DESIGNED JUST FOR YOU!”.
Posting her crochet accessories brought her numerous orders! Soon, she decided to launch her venture at Sunday Soul Sante, a flea market for art, craft, food and music on May 6, 2012.

As people got aware about her amazing work, it became a recognized hub for creative “crochet jewelry”. Today, HappyKnots is famous for its beautifully handcrafted products.
Despite not being from a business background, Anne managed to build audience for her products. Simultaneously, she created a demand for her accessories through her flawless work.
Today, the demand for her products has reached the skies! She falls short of time as her work is totally handcrafted.
Her struggle to reach perfection is seen as a result of her loyalty and dedication towards her business.
While her business was flourishing well, her brainchild evolved another concept of HappyKnots Events. The basic idea of this vertical was venue styling.
She designs and decorates wedding venues with all the accessories making the event memorable. Her team includes light and sound professionals who help her design the venue.
Isn’t it amazing? A crocheting hobby transforming into a rewarding business and more! Her perseverance and determination lead her to a place that she had never imagined.
Now that she has proved herself, it is time for you to do the same! Find what provokes you and make sure you turn it out into a prospering business.
Skill2gether is eagerly waiting to witness your success story. Feel free to contact us on 7722015566 or hello@skill2gether.in for free business consultation!

By Aishwarya Jaju Published On December 17, 2019

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