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Partying her way to Success

Parties are a great way of celebrating success or auspicious occasions and spreading a wave of positivity amongst your family and friends.

Be it your birthday party or a party for your academic success, it’s always about celebrating!
But have you ever wondered what preparations it takes for the party to run smoothly?
Making appropriate arrangements and having everything in coordination needs planning! And what if you could monetize your party planning skills?

Patricia May Gonzalez, runs a party planning business in Philippines. The idea of starting this business stuck her mind when her son’s birthday in 2012.
Even though she didn’t know much about party planning, she wanted it to be his best birthday!
After the success of her son’s birthday party, she was encouraged to take it up professionally!
In 2013, with the help of her nephew and two other friends, she made a brand for her business named “The Party People”.
The team of four eventually stepped into the market as a party planning group. They made a business plan and stuck to it.

As Patricia researched more about the business, party styling caught her attention and she found it more interesting. Thus, in 2015 she decided to focus on party styling in her business.
She also made business cards which she eventually used to distribute in the parties that she organised. This made her reach more audience on her social media accounts. They frequently visited to check the business portfolio and packages.
Her business provides party planning and decoration for birthdays, debut parties, weddings and other celebrations.
Initially she faced the challenge of marketing her business and finding customers. But she did not lose hope and remained consistent with her efforts.
She started promoting her business on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This really helped to socialize her work.
Besides, Patricia submitted her parties to party styling blogs in her city and out. Being featured on popular blogs boosted her business like never before.

However, coming up with new creative ideas, designs and decorations for every party challenging. But her creative mind and passion towards her work helped her succeed.
Despite being a single mother, she manages to maintain the balance between home and work. Her perfectly scheduled routine helps her give equal time to her son and her business as well.
She learned skills of marketing, handling competition and way of improving services from her setbacks.
Today, her elegant and classy way of designing and planning each party is immensely expanding her business.
Indeed, Patricia is a role model of a true women entrepreneur!
Now, it’s time for you to take this inspirational message and work on your own business to succeed!
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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On January 17, 2020

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