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PaperChirrups: The Story of a Successful wildlife artist!

Nature and wildlife have always been fascinating for human life. You can imagine how peaceful it is to hear those birds chirp early morning. How pleasant it sounds!
Birds and animals play an essential role in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment. Absence of any one eventually breaks the chain which is a result of the extinction of species.
In order to bring awareness about this, Niharika Rajput, from Delhi came up with an impressive solution over it.
Niharika Rajput has always been passionate about wildlife and its protection. With her love for birds being unmatched, her aim was to conserve wildlife through art. That’s where the idea struck her mind!

With her passion for craft and birds, she started handcrafting bird miniatures with paper.
After sketching out the bird body parts like wings, tail and body feathers, she retraces it on paper and cuts them accurately.
These parts are then glued to the body which is either made of epoxy, paper or wire. And finally the work she enjoys the most, painting!

In this way, with intricate designs and attractive colours, her realistic bird miniatures are born! She has sculpted birds like kingfishers, hummingbirds, owls, toucans and many more.
As her work was something new yet unique, she made up her mind to set up an online store for her pieces. Initially, it became difficult for her to reach people and make money through this profession.
She also thought of doing it only part-time as she doubted if it could earn her a living. But her consistent efforts and a super supportive team helped her come out with flying colours.
She even started her own website to sell these bird miniatures online. The humane initiative behind her work and beautifully handcrafted paper birds touched people’s heart. They gave a huge response and were genuinely interested in buying them.

As her bird sculptures got popular, she started handcrafting animals and insects too! Her love for wildlife was really showing up!
And to her surprise, people were totally awestruck by sculptures of animals and insects as well.
But more success was yet to come. As she got recognised as a wildlife artist, she started taking wildlife projects. Two of the major projects were Art for Wildlife Conservation- Ladakh and Project Hen Harrier.
She made birds for them out of paper, wire and clay so as to create awareness about their extinction. Collaboration in these projects was a life-changing event for her and there was no looking back!
Her noble initiative eventually led her to start her passion-driven business.
Her success is your inspiration!
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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On February 4, 2020

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