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NEHA DOODLES: Winning hearts one Doodle at a time

Do you remember doodling random stuff on the last page of your books when you were in school? Or reading those funny comics which had fascinating cartoons in them?
What if you get an opportunity to cash in all those doodles you love to draw and comic strips you loved to create?
That is the story of Neha Sharma, a doodle and comic artist.

How it started:

Neha, 25 was pursuing C.A when she thought about trying her hands on uploading her doodles on social media. One thing led to another and today she is a full time doodle artist!
Neha says, the secret behind her fascinating doodles is her hyperactive imagination. She constructs the scenarios through real life events and illustrates them into a comic.
She randomly kept posting these doodles on social media and later one of her works got selected by The Telegraph- Kolkata and then there was no stopping!
Her comic and doodles were so enthralling that her following accelerated from 10 to 1 lac in no time.

As she gained recognition, she got the opportunity to work with renowned companies like Motorola, Nivea and Hike. Her work with those companies included logos, on-site illustrations, branding and web comics.
Besides, she has setup an online store for her doodles with the website www.nehadoodles.com. Also, her work is available on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
With a whopping 106 thousand Instagram followers, her current clients include Google, Amazon, HP and UNICEF.
From casual last page doodling to being featured by international companies, Neha indeed portrays her success story.
She proved herself, even though it was difficult for her to convince the society that illustration and doodling could be a career. She made thousands realize that their last page random scribbling can surely make them earn a living!
Neha is looking forward to publish long comics which would represent a story. Apart from this, she is currently working on comic series for GOFRO- a travel curation service, StyleDotMe- a fashion app.

Importantly, even though she works for a long stretch doodling sketches and comics, she enjoys her work. Her business model being based on social media influencing and illustrations, she reaches 5 lakh unique accounts each week. Hats off to her skill and determination!
Ultimately, she also gives a message of financial independence to every woman out there. Indeed an inspiring yet philanthropic young lady!

So if you have such a skill, be it doodling or dance, don’t be scared to put it out there on social media or on stage and make a brand for yourself. Once people know who you are, money will simply flow.
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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On September 14, 2019

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