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Make your Skills Grow your Business

What is that one thing about you which people genuinely appreciate? It might be anything like baking cakes, your dance moves or the way you paint a portrait. If people are truly fascinated by your work, you can indeed call it a “SKILL!”
The reason that skills are so important because they build up the foundation for most of the businesses.
And why not? If you are good at something, then why do it for free?

While learning skills is a process, you can always start with basics if you don’t know where to begin.
Those already having a skill can start working on starting their business. Try to master the skill which will eventually be beneficial for you.

For those who are eager to know which skill to use to build a business, here are some simple skills in demand you can opt for.
Mehndi Artist:
Mehndi designing is a popular yet rare skill one can find. Learning to apply mehndi designs requires basic knowledge of its design.

With its trends being followed everywhere, there are numerous local classes that offer tutoring for it. You can join one or can just hit that YouTube icon on your phone and learn it through tutorials!

Don’t you feel like there is no tailor around who can stitch just how you want? What about you becoming that designer cum tailor in your neighborhood.

Stitching is old yet an evergreen business to start and a simple skill to learn.

It’s quite common in families where mothers and grandmothers are usually fond of stitching stuff for their loved ones.

If that’s your case, you can learn it from them! If not, then you can even attend the Government programs held for stitching.

Rangoli Artist:
Indians have been decorating their entrances with rangoli since ages. And even today people are equally intrigued about it.

You can learn this simple form of art by attending Rangoli workshops and seminars.

From religious ceremonies to weddings, rangolis are in demand everywhere and are paid quite well.

Does baking fascinate you!
Go ahead and do an advanced course or experiment with what you already know!

Who knows, you might just be very good at and be loaded with orders!

So these were simple yet in-demand skills you can learn to build your business. Even though it might take time to grasp knowledge, you can surely master it through practice.

Once you decide which skill to turn into a business, you have Skill2Gether to take your business to the next level. List on its marketplace and network with other Skill-Preneurs and grow!

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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On December 26, 2019

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