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Lijjat Papad: Dream Of 7, Livelihood Of Thousands

It is said that success comes to those who are determined to work hard and stay focused on their goals.
But who knew that a snack like papad could change lives and generate a turnover of more than Rs.800 Crores. Consistency can help achieve huge success if one is determined to make it happen.
Such is the success story of the well known brand Lijjat Papad, now a household name who sell a lot more than just papads!

The desire to earn money especially when it is because of your skills, is such that it makes the person give whatever it takes to achieve it.
That’s what happened when a group of 7 women from Mumbai chose to make and sell papads during their free time, way back in 1959.
With a seed capital of Rs. 80 borrowed from Chaghanlal Karamsi Parekh, a social worker, the team decided to bootstrap and not take more donations even if they incurred losses.
While their business grew and more women joined, they even went on to establishing distribution channels with the help of existing traders and reach out to more people.

However they faced a major problem.
The Mumbai Rains meant shutting production for 4 whole months as their papads were naturally dried on their terraces!
But the unstoppable team that they were, they found a solution which was a mind blowing jugaad! They spread the papads on cots and placed stoves underneath. The right heat and distance got them the desired amount of dehydration.

This same method was later incorporated in advanced technology and currently the papads are machine dried.
As they prospered, they chose to register themselves as Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad now popularly known as “Lijjat Papad” and currently employ a whopping 43,000 women across the country.

Unfortunately, during the process of their expansion within Maharashtra, they failed repeatedly. However, without losing hope, they ventured outside to Valod in Gujarat and set up a branch successfully in 1968.

This unstoppable team now boasts of manufacturing more than just papads. They are into Khakras, Wheat Atta, Achars as well as Bakery Products. As the Indian Diaspora migrated abroad, so did the Lijjat brand. They now sell in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, the Netherlands, Canada and Thailand to name a few.

Didn’t that just blow up your mind? How inspiring it is to know that a small initiative of group of seven women led to a massive success that its products now are in demand even in foreign countries! A dream of seven women is now a medium of livelihood of thousands! Isn’t that amazing?

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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On July 30, 2019

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