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Latika Chakravorty proves her incredibility at age 89!

Lately, in our recent articles we have been witnessing success stories of people who started their business in their teens and sailed through success in their thirties. But what if I told you that an old woman starts her business at 89 and succeeds in no time? That’s Latika Chakravorty for you! Proving that age is just a number!

Latika Chakravorty had a passion for knitting, sewing and stitching since her childhood. She realized her natural talent of making beautiful potli bags when her daughter-in-law asked her to make a potli bag to match her dress. As she continued making more such bags, her family noticed them and appreciated her skill and how passionate she was about it. She gifted some of them to people on their birthdays which eventually attracted more people towards her product.

How it all started!
It was her grandson, Joy who took to selling these online and created a website, “LatikaBags.com”. Then, there was no stopping as ordered poured from Germany, Oman and New Zealand!
Kamal kardiya dadiji ne! Hain na?

Soon, she even became a social media star with everyone appreciating and sharing her story and the media covering her! Thus, this generated more audience for Latika’s Bags. Infact, she is finding it difficult to keep up with the current demand!

The Unique Selling Proposition!
What makes her so unique is upcycling!
She collects old sarees and uses them to stitch potlis. Thus, each potli has a story to tell!
What makes a difference in her story is her determination. She wakes up at 5 am and puts in 2 to 3 hours into what is now here passion.
Her story proves that age is not a factor for starting a business or being an entrepreneur. How incredible is it to know that an 89 year old is still so motivated!
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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On August 14, 2019

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