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LATASITA: An Example Of Sustainability Breeds Success!

Are you a hoarder? From your grandmother’s jewelry to your mother’s sarees?
Most of us Indian women have these belongings of sentimental value that we may not be using anymore, but are not ready to let go.
We all think of making a ghagra or a kurta from that saree but miserably fail thinking of the design and hunting a tailor.

That is exactly what Meghna Nayak does in her quest for sustainable fashion!
As a journalist, Meghna observed the menial work of sweatshops which catered renowned fast fashion companies. This triggered her mind towards sustainable living. And eventually lead to the birth of heirloom saree brand LataSita.
The initiative behind raising this brand is to preserve the essence of old sarees and clothes by transforming them into trendy outfits. So basically this maintains the cultural heritage, by keeping up with the ongoing fashion trends!

LataSita, a Kolkata based brand started through a Facebook page and gradually spread all around. It offers outfits like skirts, kimonos, palazzos, wraps and many more garments all tailored from heirloom sarees.
These outfits are priced ranging between Rs. 2500 to Rs.15000.
Initially, Meghna faced difficulties as tailors weren’t ready to accept her idea of working with used fabrics. But later, as they saw the freedom of creativity they had in store, coupled with how happy a customer was when she bought them, they realized its importance.
Today they love what they are doing and feel proud being a part of a noble initiative.
Her website www.latasita.com showcases all outfits designed by her from old sarees. She often insists her clients to bring in more old clothes which could be turned into trendy and fashionable garments.

Today her brand has reached the skies and guess what! Celebrities like Arundhati Roy, Ayushman Khurana and his wife have appreciated Meghna’s work and also made her design outfits for them!
Apart from this, her work has also been showcased in countries like Taiwan, Kenya, Germany, England, Sweden and the Netherlands. People across the globe are now immensely being interested in the idea of sustainable fashion.
With propagating her brand motto of sustainable lifestyle, she earns handsome profits through her work.
Her journey from a simple upcycling startup to a renowned heirloom Saree brand is indeed inspirational!

Besides, the scrap cloth left from her work is donated to an NGO called Goonj. The organization uses the scrap cloth to make sanitary napkins for disadvantaged women. Another good deed!

How fascinating it is to know that one idea can do good to people, the environment and one’s own self! Have to say, Meghna is a mastermind!

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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On September 12, 2019

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