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Growth is the most essential element in making your business a success. And while you think growth relates to only acquiring new customers, it also extends to creating a bond with your supplier and finding new ones that might offer the same goods at a reasonable cost, working on your public relations and creating a reputation with your customers and many more attributes that eventually lead to higher revenues.

Here are some aspects that you can focus on to make sure that your growth curve seamlessly shoots up!

Build a reputation with your customers:
Everyone likes to feel special and cared for. Implementing this in your business activities is a sure shot recipe for success!
While you might wonder how you could do this, there are multiple ways like asking a customer how was the purchase on text, engaging them on social media and giving discounts on repeat orders!

Acquire New Customers:
Acquiring new customers is the most fundamental need for any business as it directly leads to more revenues.
Acquiring new customers might feel difficult but listing them on Skill2Gether.in makes it a cakewalk to advertise your brand and grow!

Build a bond with your suppliers:
As you grow, your purchases will increase and especially if it’s a product based business, you will have to stock more units and thus need higher credit. This is possible only if you have a bond with them and they trust you enough.
Similarly, it is essential that you cut costs and add more variety to your stock. Thus, keep looking out for alternative suppliers who will help you fulfill these elements.

Improvise, Improvise and Improvise!
It is very important that whatever you do doesn’t reach a saturation point where your customer is forced to look out for other options!
Thus, if you are in the products business, try adding more relevant products to your stock; if you are in the services business, make sure your service was better than last and if you are in the training business, keep yourself updated with the latest trends so that you can teach them too!
We all know that dance teacher who now also teaches Zumba! That is what she did too, keep up with the times.

Market your brand!
In a business, visibility is everything! If people are not aware about it, how would they buy it?
Thus, make sure potential customers are aware about your product. You could participate in flea markets, collaborate with other businesses selling related products and list yourself on Skill2Gether.in!

Skill2Gether.in is one such platform that lists your products, services and training to give you additional visibility and interact with other local home businesses. Moreover, who knows, you might find someone selling sarees interested in selling your soaps too!

Call 7722015566 or email to hello@skill2gether.in and get a free consultation to overcome all your business worries now!

By Aishwarya Jaju Published On July 30, 2019

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