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Five mistakes to avoid while starting business!

Home businesses are simple yet tricky at times. When everything seems to be going perfect there are chances you might get off the track and make some mistakes.
While failures are indeed the stepping stones to success, one can surely avoid making mistakes guided well. And what are we here for? Of course to guide about everything you need to know while starting your home business.
In the last article, we understood what are the essential “Dos” while starting your home business. So today let us talk about the “Don’ts”.
Don’ts while starting a home business :

Don’t lose your patience :
Every business needs time to settle and penetrate into the market. Expecting success and great sales from day 1 is great but not necessary!
Instead of getting impatient, focus on what improvements you can make to make it a bigger success.
It will take time but will also be worth the struggle.

Don’t rely on a single supplier:
Buying all your stock from a single supplier means completely relying on them.
What if he goes out of stock? Your shop will go shut!

Thus, connect with multiple suppliers and gain advantage of both, stocks and prices.

Don’t neglect accounting:
Accounting is the oxygen to your business.
Note every transaction and analyse how it could be made better and generate more revenue for your business.
You can use the inbuilt interface of skill2gether.in for accounting!FIVE MISTAKES TO AVOID WHILE STARTING BUSINESS!

Don’t ignore your customer feedback:
Customer feedback are small helpful tips which incorporated if incorporated well, will definitely help you grow.
When you know what a customer is looking for, you can shape your product, service and training in that manner and deliver better customer user interface.
Thus, instead of avoiding these feedback, give it a patient ear and accept them politely.

Don’t forget the ongoing competition :
The current business trend is very competitive. Thus, in order to survive, it is important to keep a check on your competitors. Their prices and products.
After analyzing them, see what can be done so that what you offer is better than them. Also, learn from their mistakes.

These were the small crucial bits of advice which will help you to avoid making these mistakes. Apart from this, don’t hesitate to take decisions on your own. Yes, sometimes you might fail, and that’s okay as you will learn from those mistakes. So go ahead and rock it!

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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On August 23, 2019

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