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Digital Branding: Build Your Brand Online

What does your mind resemble when you see an image of a half bitten apple? If not mistaken, it would surely remind you of the renowned tech giant Apple!
So how did that strike your mind? The simple reason behind it is the “brand”. It’s because Apple over the years has reached billions and made it their identity!
Building your brand through online platforms and creating an impressive impression through your quality and service is one way that your branding can never go wrong!

While Instagram is used by billions today, it can be a super powerful tool to turn your business into a brand!

Just start with an Instagram business account for your product/service with a professional and systematic timeline with an attractive logo.

Keep posting pictures twice or thrice a day, daily and follow accounts similar to your niche. Request story shout-outs to well-grown pages. This will help to generate audience engagement. Also, using appropriate hash-tags for posts can turn out to be effective.

Besides, the option of “Promotion” can help your account to be advertised in the desired location and to the targeted audience by paying.

The feature of split messaging of Facebook ads is well known in order to promote your business on Facebook.

It helps you to find the best message that resonates with your followers.

Here you need to start with a Facebook page and keep posting about your business regularly. Facebook ads will do the rest for you!

Besides, create a group for your potential customers which came to you through Facebook. Have a conversation for your feedback and suggestions.

Twitter can be quite beneficial if you consistently remain active there.

Start with a clear picture of your brand and add relevant links to other social media platforms showing your brand presence.

Keep tweeting content regularly, promoting your product/service while you shout-out its benefits.

Apart from that, follow influencers of your niche and try responding to each and every tweet. This will help you bring in the “picture” and bring people’s attention towards your brand.

Though the above-mentioned platforms are helpful to make your business a “brand”, you first need to bring your business into the market.

And you can do this with the super effective platform of Skill2gether!

You can list your products/services and step into the market where you can meet your potential customers who can further rate your products and give reviews and help you grow!

Skill2gether, being a recognised platform, you can share the link of your Skill2gether store on other social media platforms discussed above. This will help to bring value to your business and eventually turn it into a brand.

Sign up and call on 7722015566 or email to hello@skill2gether.in and be the change you want to be!

By Aishwarya Jaju Published On February 4, 2020

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