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Auntie Ann’s Soft Pretzels!

A well-known quote by Zig Ziglar states “Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to be successful”.
Life is a combination of successes and challenges. Sometimes it brings us adversities which eventually lead us to something amazing. It leads us to achievements that we never imagined we would conquer.
Similar is the success story of Anne Beiler from Pennsylvania: A woman who faced numerous hardships during her business and throughout her journey.

Anne Beiler married Jonas at just 19. Jonas was a mechanic but wished to start a family and marriage counselling business. Anne wanted to support Jonas by helping him to arrange the finance for his counselling business.

Anne and her husband decided to buy an Amish owned store with a loan of $6000 from Jonas’s parents.
She set up the store initially sold pretzels and pizza and asked for guidance from the chefs who were previously selling pretzels and pizza in the same shop.
Anne changed the recipe according to her taste and to her surprise, the customers responded super positively!
In the first two days after launching herself-modified recipe, she earned a whopping $875! An amount that she never imagined she would earn just after setting up her business!
Anne gave away free samples of her delicious soft pretzels in order to attract new customers. Even though the business was new for her, she gathered ample knowledge about marketing and managing business by reading whatever she could lay her hands on.
Eventually her shop “Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels” began to gain recognition. Her revenue spiked to around $2000 each weekend!
Things started to get more successful and Anne set up her second store in a commercial locality. They hit the $100,000 milestone from those two stores. The new shop mostly sold its pretzels to government workers and businessmen nearby.

Just within a year, she made tremendous profits by receiving revenues from the newly launched outlets! Until 1990, her shop was set up at 75 locations and her business blossomed like never before!
Even though the secret ingredient is unrevealed, it was indeed a turning point for her. Her determination and discipline are what helped her grow her business.
How inspiring it is to know that even after facing numerous challenges in her personal life, Anne remained consistent over her efforts and managed to run her business.
A simple message that her story gives is that hardships are a part of the success which are to be faced, survived and defeated.
Thus you don’t have to worry if you’ll be able to overcome those adversities in your business.
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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On February 4, 2020

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