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AMY’S kitchen cooks success!

Are you one of those who are fed up of cooking? Or don’t have enough time to cook for yourself? If yes, then don’t be guilty. You are not the only one!
Cooking needs preparation and basic knowledge of ingredients and it’s uses. Sometimes, this can become cumbersome for people working in 9-5 schedules. Doesn’t the exhaustion after a whole day’s work kill the willingness to cook?
While this was a common issue everywhere, a couple from California found out a way out of it.
Rachael’s husband Andy, once rushed to the health store to buy frozen foods for dinner as Rachael pulled a muscle and couldn’t stand for a long time.
The frozen food dinner was satiating enough but not sufficient to satisfy their taste buds.In fact it tasted horrible. This made them realize that there is a need for tasty frozen foods in the market. Also, they analyzed that there will be a big market for it in the coming future.

Amy's kitchen
Amy’s kitchen

This led to the start of their online frozen food store “Amy’s Kitchen” and their entrepreneurial journey! Amy’s Kitchen was named after their newborn daughter Amy.
It all started with a simple pot pie which was a quite popular frozen meal during that time. Andy and Rachael prepared their first product. And guess what? It had a mind blowing taste!

Finally with the help of Rachel’s mother, they came up with a pot pie recipe of vegetable and tofu.
When their product first made a debut in San Francisco health show in 1988, it resulted in a positive response. Many stores started getting attracted to it.
Initially Andy faced a difficulty in availing required investment. Thus he sold his gold watch, gold coins and also borrowed some amount by taking loan.
But their investment was paid off in no time. The couple attended health food trade shows and spread their product by traveling all over the country.
Eventually their business accelerated and they sold a whopping of 2400 pot pies each day!
The prosperity of business continued when big chains like Kroger started taking their products. Sometimes it even became difficult for them to keep up the demands!

Today, Amy’s Kitchen is one of the top brands in natural frozen foods. Not only pot pies, but today they have more than 160 varieties like frozen entrees, pizza, canned soups all with an amazing taste!
From a tight budget for investing in the business to making it a multi million dollar business, the couple had put consistent efforts to make it a leading brand.
They made it easier for people, the question of what to cook something quick and tasty! And to our surprise only 1400 employees run the whole business all over!

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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On August 22, 2019

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