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5 Time management techniques for Mompreneurs

How many women you know who had to leave their jobs to be a full time mom? Yes, the numbers are high. Being  a mom is great, but the work is double, and balancing between kids and work is not less mysterious than the Big Bang theory.

As a #Mompreneur, I had to face a lot of difficulties in the initial days. With time I figured out a few things that work for me. Maybe those will come handy to the #mompreneurs and even all of you guys will be happy to know about the. 

5 #Timemanagement techniques for #Mompreneurs:

  • Prioritise your work. Decide which ones are the most important and solve them first.
  • Don’t, I repeat, don’t, ever, mix up your mom time with your entrepreneur time.This will create problems for you in the future. Dividing time between these two important roles is crucial in being a good mompreneur.
  • Set a schedule. This is one of the most important tasks to do. You have to keep track of your meetings (both with your clients and PTM!) take care of your kids, prepare their meals and along with that you have to deliver to your clients what they want. So according to your timing create a schedule and maintain it as closely as possible. 
  • Go to bed early. One of the best habits is to go to bed early and wake up early. You will get more time to complete your chores, and then some alone time (very, very important). And then you can work on your own. This habit is one of the best ways to maintain the necessary balance every mompreneur needs.
  • Use that phone of of yours. smartphones can be of real help. Apps like calendar can help you schedule the meetings, keep a track of PTMs, yearly events at schools. Find out a few more apps which can be fruitful to you.

I won’t say it’s a cake walk. Honestly, it is pretty damn difficult. But, both of these roles are my favourite. I am sure you moms out there will love it as I love it, or maybe more! 

Share your thoughts guys. Let me know what else we can talk about. I would love to know exactly what you think of these posts. 

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Waiting eagerly,


By Rina Chhadwa Published On August 19, 2019

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