Your Guide to Selling Products from Home!

If you have a solid business idea that involves selling products, this is going to be your go to blog to know how to start, what could be difficulties you could face and how you can gracefully overcome them!
You may even checkout our earlier blog on ideation if you are still figuring out on what to start.
Now that you have a product in mind, let’s make it a promising product which is a favorite of its users!

Sourcing Your Raw Materials:
If you choose to sell handmade products such as candles, soaps, cakes or chocolates, it is important to have trusted suppliers.
Can you imagine what would happen if a customer gets rashes because of a bad quality soap?
Thus, make sure that the raw materials that go into your products are tested for quality and come from genuine sources.

Sourcing your products:
If you are great at sales and marketing and choose to resell, it is important to get the right connections. By right connections we mean manufacturers and wholesalers who would not compromise on quality, offer credit and let you buy from a remote location.
As your business grows, it would be difficult to travel to another city frequently only to buy your stocks and invest too much in it. Instead, having an established seller who would send images for you to choose from and offer a comfortable credit will definitely make it easier!

Packaging and Storage:
Different products will have different packaging demands depending on their nature and use. Our detailed blog on packaging will help you choose the right kind of packaging.
You will need adequate space for storage of your products.
For example, cakes will need refrigerators and clothes will need shelves or hangers. It is important to have all of this in place before you start your business or at least be prepared to buy such equipments as you grow, to avoid any last minute difficulties.

It is important that your existing network knows that you have started this business and is also confident about your products to recommend it to others. For this purpose, we suggest that you first give an opportunity to others to try your products. You can start with discounted rates on festivals and repeat orders, have referral programs, etc.
You can also attend various meet ups or exhibit at flea markets and reach out to potential customers!
You can also list your products on, which is especially for home based businesses. not only provides you with a marketplace, but also helps you connect with other members and like minded people and build a community to exchange ideas, learn new skills and grow as individuals. We focus on not just your business but on your individual growth and what makes you happy! also provides free consultation to driven individuals on starting their own business, overcoming different hurdles and making it a success.
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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On June 24, 2019

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