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Trading or reselling is the most practiced way of business all over the world. It is great if you are good in marketing and sales where you could source your products from one place and sell it in another!

With a steady increase in the purchasing power of people, people are ready to splurge for products that are not available locally. You can check how you can bridge this gap here.

If done well, reselling can generate a lot of money but what determines its sustainability is the pricing factor.

The most important part of pricing is that, the selling price is more that what it cost you and any transportation or overhead costs that you incurred.
You can read the technicalities of pricing here.
Pricing can be quite a difficult process especially if you plan to introduce a completely new product. Here are some factors that you can consider while pricing.
1. Purchasing Power of your Potential Customer
2. Demand for the product
3. Volumes required of the product. If the volumes are higher, you can go lower on the per unit margin.

At an initial stage, it is also suggested that you keep the prices lower to attract more customers and create a market for yourself.

Besides that, selling your products on seasonal discounts for some duration can accumulate customers which will penetrate your product into the market. This helps in attracting customers, who if retained with great service can lead to stupendous profits!

Apart from that, fancy packaging is another strategy which will tempt more customers, seeming your product different or rather worth the value. is a boon for people reselling such products because you will surely find the right customers for your product here! lets you list your products, training and services. And you never know, you might even find a potential supplier here!
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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On July 2, 2019

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