Simplest guide to pricing your Training services

Sharing your skills with others by teaching them is a good deed but what if you are being paid to teach your skills? You will obviously go for it. Training someone is a great way to generate ample amount of cash if it’s paying off your valuable time and your unique skill. And today we are going to present you the simplest guide to price your training in order to make sound profits! Here we go!

Training Skill: When it comes to training, the only necessary thing you need is skill! Have a melodious voice with experience in singing? Why not take a singing class? Do your moves thrill people? Why not take dance a class? If said to name all, it would be an endless list! But some of them are yoga training, drawing class, guitar class, coding, stitching class etc. So basically all you do is TURN YOUR SKILL INTO A TRAINING PROGRAM!

Cost Factor: In training, the initial costs are the cost of materials which would be required to teach that particular skill. So for instance, if you are training people how to play a guitar, then you might have to buy more than one guitar. But relax, that will be a one time investment. There might also be recurring costs such as threads and needles for stitching, mehndi cones for mehndi classes or rent for a dance class. Apart from this, expenses of advertising through pamphlets, newspapers and other rents should be included.
Once you know the costs that you will be incurring, you can treat that as the minimum cost, you can use various pricing strategies like those mentioned here and set up a final price.
After setting your final price, now comes the time to use the right strategies in order to boost your training program.

Pricing Strategy: The first pricing strategy is bundle pricing. For example, if your training costs Rs.2000 per month, then the cost for two months will be somewhere between Rs.3000-3500. This will help you ensure that you retain customers and they also get a cost benefit.
Another strategy is having ‘bring a friend along’ pricing strategies. Here, similar to bundle pricing, additional discounts can be offered for customers coming in groups. This kind of a strategy helps you reach out to more potential customers!

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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On July 3, 2019

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