How to Make Your Dreams a Reality !!!

Do you think you have a mind blowing business idea and the skills to do it? We will help you make it a reality.
Entrepreneurs often face something similar to a writer’s block. They have a million ideas in mind but do not know how to proceed with it and make it a reality.
Your idea will materialize when it is backed by other resources such as a buyer, a supplier, financial investment and support services. Here is a list as to how you can start your home business and be ready to conquer any hurdle!

Marketing your product, service or training:
They say, “Jo Dikhta Hain, Wo Bikta Hain”.
Thus, first and foremost, people need to know that you have started your online business. For starters, you can spread the word in your existing network of friends and acquaintances. You can even attend meet-ups, put stalls at flea markets, etc to widen your network.
Platforms like ours, is also a great way to list and reach an untapped market and get free consulting as well!

Procurement of product or raw material:
If it is tuition or dance lessons that you choose to deal in, you don’t need any supplier.
However, if you choose to resell a product such as sarees, sell homemade products such as cakes or start tiffin services, you need to buy raw materials such as ingredients or the product itself. Imagine running a tiffin service where the pulses are of inferior quality or vegetables are not fresh!
To ensure repeat customers and word of mouth, it is important that your product is consistently of superior quality. Thus make sure that your suppliers and wholesalers are genuine and trustworthy.

Businesses require an investment. However, there may be times when you already have the resources and do not need to additionally invest, such as a camera for a photographer and a computer for a content writer or a coder.
In some other cases, you might have to invest some money in purchasing additional equipments such as more molds in different shapes for cakes or for keeping stock if you decide to resell.
If the investment is higher than you can personally afford, you may even collaborate with a friend or take a loan using government schemes.

Support Services:
While you start your home business, you will also need the help of some support services such as transport and courier services, packaging material, banking services, etc.
It is important that your support services such as transport, payments and packaging are streamlined beforehand especially if you might want to send your products to a remote location.
Imagine having a big order from another city but no proper packaging material to pack it in, a trusted courier partner or a bank account for the customer to transfer the payment!

We at not only offer a platform to list your products, services and training but also guide and motivate driven individuals who have the vision to make it big in life.

We offer free consultation to help you set up your own business and overcome any hurdles you may face during the journey. also provides you with an opportunity to network with its other members and build a community of your own!
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By Pooja Gupta Published On June 25, 2019

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