Discover Your Best Business Idea

Do you know what is the most common between all you entrepreneurs? It is the drive to make it big! Coming up with a worthy idea requires just as much determination and dedication as a regular job.
Once you get an idea, it is important to assess its viability. This can be done by analyzing your own interests and capabilities and external factors such as market demand and purchasing parity.
Here is a step by step method that will help you with your business ideation process:

Is there a gap/problem that you can identify?
Every society has some gaps and problems that need to be fulfilled. It could range from anything such as ‘ghar ka khana’ or just a want for something new that makes lives easier, like how getting food and other things delivered to our doorstep is now a way of life.
You need to identify such a gap that you can give a solution to.

What are your skills and interests?
Do you know how to cook or code? Are you great at sales and marketing?
Along with having the skills, it is important that you have the patience required to make that skill a profession. You may be a great cook, but making tiffin might also mean cooking for more number of people every day.
Will you take that extra step independently or choose to collaborate or hire employees?

How can your skill set compliment the problem?
Now that you have identified problems and are aware of your own skills and interests, what is the solution that you can offer? What will you do that the others are not doing already? How will you scale up?

Why would someone choose you over bigger businesses?
Here, you need to ascertain as to what you would offer that is better than your competitors. It could be having a personal touch to your products and having a connect with your customers that builds into a relationship overtime.
You may also represent yourself one from the community and not a corporate giant.

How can you network and scale up?
Once you have done your homework and have your idea ready, it is important to discuss and look at it from multiple perspectives. Be a part of Start Up incubator meets, meet people with similar skills and try to learn more to grow more.
And if you are scared that someone will copy your idea if you share it, remember your idea requires skills that you have, and that is what makes it special.

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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On June 24, 2019

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