Businesses that fulfill local demand are the latest trend!

When you get some pickles and masalas from your native place, do you come across acquaintances asking you to get some for them when you visit next time? Or do you often hear people praise the specialty of your native place and crib about how much they love it but are not able to source it locally?
Alternatively, even you might have visited places while travelling and a look at their local products might have gotten you to go like, “Wish ye humare yaha bhi milta!”

There might be so many things that cannot be sourced locally in your area or city but there is an appetite for these products!

Here, in this article we will elaborate on some examples of how you can start your own home business simply by trying to bridge the gap between the demand and the lack of some products or services in your local geographical area.

Tiffin Services:
Have you come across bachelors or newly married couples in your society who end up eating out or ordering in and grumble about their food habits and how they cannot even help it?
Here is one business opportunity for you! You can start Tiffin Services for such people living in your society block! Not only will they get food on time, but it will be nutritious home cooked food, made with love.

Sourcing products from other places and retailing them:
This is an excellent opportunity if you have a business mind and wish to trade. There is so much you can do here! You could source products from either your native place, places you have travelled or just go that extra step and try to contact manufacturers.
This can be done on a seasonal basis such as mangoes from Ratnagiri or all year round such as selling South Indian Masalas and Pickles in North India.

Babysitting is a need in most cosmopolitan cities. It could be because the parents are working or they have an event to attend and cannot leave their child alone. And what better when something like this is accessible in their society or area.
Moreover, such crèche run from homes are always more preferred than those run on a professional basis since these also feel just like home to the baby.

If you are wondering where to start and how to start, is at your service. We will guide you through everything from starting up to managing your accounts. also helps you to meet more prospective customers are you can display and advertise your products on our website. We try to empower the society by empowering home businesses like you to grow and flourish and reach heights.

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By Aishwarya Jaju Published On June 20, 2019

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